To grip cover or not to grip…

2017-06-21 18.12.11
One of the main calls I have made with the Hackbrett deck is to leave it ungripped (not covered with grip tape), showing the beautiful grained wood.
I guess it is not really recommended for any longboard, especially if you鸿运国际网址官网下载安装 are going to ride hard; however, this is an urban cruising vanity project and not downhill racing or trick shot dancing. Longboard Griptape Roll
I do have the tape, my starting idea was to cover it…. but when it came to it, I could not hide away that lovely natural wood under black grip-tape.
I just better make sure my footwear is like glue and I have health insurance! Oh’ what we do for looks. 🙂
UPDATE: Have ordered some clear grip-tape and make a call if I use it or not – clear is never really “clear”, but it would allow the wood to come through, just not the polished look.

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